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Over the past decade, wind turbine market in India witnessed a growth of 25% across various states. At Kshema, we excel in Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Renewable energy resource parks and our credentials in establishing them for the past two decades are a proof of the same. Innovation, quick implementation and scope for continuous improvement in the project processes gave Kshema a notable position in the industry.

Kshema Power explores opportunities to cut down the infrastructure investments for these renewable energy projects. By leveraging globally benchmarked practices of the industry, we focus on achieving project completion within the stipulated time frames and cost.


A few decades back, the installation cost of solar panels was astronomical. However, slowly and precipitously the cost of building an efficient solar cell came down which resulted in the growth of the solar power development in the country.

Kshema Power specializes in installing large-scale grid connected solar power plants & roof top solar power solutions to generate electricity for augmenting power at energy intensive commercial establishments and industrial consumers. With an efficient team, having a neck-deep experience in developing the most cost-effective and energy-efficient Solar plants in the industry, Kshema positions itself as an end-to-end solutions provider.

Kshema concentrates on three major areas - Complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction. We assist our customers in project conceptualization, planning, implementation, construction, operation and maintenance to assure a greater financial return within a stipulated time.


Unlike the power generation methodologies, the distribution technology for the same power has never ceased to evolve. A few decades back what was there as an anticipated delivery technology, now became a reality in no time. To transport electricity from source to destination, one requires a combination of sub-stations, transformers, towers, cables and piping based on its location and associated needs. Such transmission and distribution infrastructure should possess the capability to withstand extreme weather conditions and other hurdles.

Kshema gives a supporting arm for all the transmission and distribution projects with its quality infrastructure development capabilities. Kshema Power adheres to all the standards, fulfils client requirements and exceeds the expectations every single time.

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Kshema Power spearheads the power infrastructure and project management business in the Renewable Energy sector with its best-in-class technology and a well augmented and experienced team.